17 February 2017

LTTE Global Terrorist Business: Lucrative venture for all supporters

Even Prabakaran would not have expected or dreamed that the rebel movement he formed would turn into a virtual global enterprise. You name it, LTTE supporters have a ready company for every associated ‘grievance’ ‘complaint’ ‘right’ generating both employment and income and the ability to use that money to lobby and ‘buy over’ people even foreign politicians. This is other than the international network of illicit activities LTTE Inc indulges in by a totally different set of people though they all get connected to a handful of very powerful players domiciled overseas who have mastered the art of fanning the ‘Sinhala discrimination’ line and then tapping into the in vogue demands of ‘self-determination’ knowing these to be the perfect ingredients to plug western players into their fold and thus camouflage their business enterprise that keeps thriving by the day. The thriving enterprise is such that its continuous depends on sustaining the chants that generates the livelihoods for many. It is for this reason we will never see any solution ever and why solutions will never be excepted either. It is futile placing any solutions ignoring these factors. 

LTTE international network comprises both illegal and legal businesses.

Media & Propaganda:

·      LTTE media comprises – Tamilnet, Voice of Tigers, TRT, Eelanadu, TV24
·      2015 - LTTE Nediyawan Faction Launches a new Tamil TV channel 'Deepam'

LTTE has its own tv, radio, websites, magazines, social media sites. All generate their own incomes and from its profits make further investments. Generating employment to Tamils domiciled overseas, perhaps to those who are illegally staying in foreign climes, their 24x7 job duties entail spreading all types of lies and distortions against Sri Lanka and in particular against the Sinhalese. A livelihood based on lies.

Where witnesses and documentaries are needed – they have resources and funds to either make their own or outsource to white skinned producers who would do anything for a handsome payment. We know the outcome of the C4 productions. The star performers were LTTE agents.

From makeup artists, photographers, cameramen, journalists, researchers, technicians, editors, broadcasters, publicists, audio operators, news producers, news presenters, news analysts, screen writers, script writers, actors, actresses, media consultants and advisors are just a handful of job opportunities for Tamils who align to the LTTE network businesses. Even the wailers and hooters at demonstrations and street protests are readily available.

Lets also not forget the printers who come up with the racist posters as well as the others who provide the transport logistics etc. There would probably be another lot of people providing the food and refreshments too. You name it there is some job area opened for these LTTE propagandists and these are all lucrative ventures. So you can imagine how LTTE Inc is thriving and now foreigners also stand a chance of getting employed. We see a large number of white men and women now holding portfolios in some of these LTTE fronts. They are people who have compromised their integrity for money.

These are all well paid jobs and to keep the job one needs to keep the lie alive… now you got the drift!

NGOs & Charities

Every area covered by the UN and every loophole that can be tapped will find some LTTE NGO set up to decry human rights violations by Sinhalese, genocide by Sinhalese, discrimination by Sinhalese, denial of education, food, health etc by Sinhalese but none of them can explain how Tamils are rich and are doing far better than the majority of the majority Sinhalese!

These NGOs & Charities are well established and linked to covert foreign government operations where they function on an understanding of you tap our back and we will tap yours. However, instances of overstepping their line has resulted in investigations and bans like the TRO.

http://cryptome.org/ltte-vigil.htm LTTE "Tamil Tigers" and its UK-wide network

The charities carry out the same modus operandi but are aligned to the LTTE media networks wherever fund raising requires a bit of drama and sensationalism. So you have the presenter, the witness, the victim all on one side and the panelists and consultants who brought in to evaluate and analyse are also on the same side! The white inductions in the form of the Cage author, the journo still counting the dead add that spice and give the notion that the grievance is so huge that the whites have entered the scene as saviors! Some of these white sympathizers were even shedding tears at the funeral of LTTE theoretician and we have lost count of the assistance that country gave the Tiger movement.

Majority of these foreign registered charities are pumping into all the welfare systems of the state and yes they have their own set of people to find where loopholes prevail and how they can spin the story to secure the welfare all of which are tax free. Recently CM in the North tried his best to secure a UN job for his relation in order to pull strings within the UN system but luckily that failed as such positions needed to be cleared by the GOSL.

However, a plethora of LTTE agents are also employed in the notorious list of NGOs famed for their roles in regime change and funded by foreign governments and capitalist industrialists. These employees do a more damaging role by feeding false information, inflated statistics and fake news to help create damaging reports all which are tabled in the UN through NGO representations and we know how LTTE fronts openly lobby in Geneva. Just look at the local staff of these NGOs to realize why they spread lies.

Similarly, agents are also placed inside foreign embassies where they play a major role in helping pass visas to ‘their’ people without hassle. Take the key embassies in Colombo and look at the local staff to confirm this.

“Economic migrants’ tag has become quite a damaging aspect and to camouflage that there are agents that have set up legal centres where people actually pay to be burnt with cigarette butt ends and other physical abuses and yes they have a doctor ready to vouch that the injury was ‘recent’ and by Sri Lankan military and not stopping there, another group of people have now formed training units where ‘asylum seekers’ are trained to cry, to tell stories of abuse, rape etc and prepare them for their interview. All this for a good payment of course but it’s a case of what goes from the right hand comes back to the right hand! And if anything goes wrong there are agent lawyers to come to their assistance! What an incredible set up that has been created.

Of course the other noteworthy manoeuvre has been to ensure that Tamils live in pockets overseas thus enabling them to create ghetto areas where they can use their numbers to sway local government politicians to align with their demands in return with the promise to give them the votes at elections. This has worked so well and is a blueprint used across EU nations, UK, Canada, Australia and US. Every time a foreign MP speaks on behalf of the slogans raised by LTTE fronts immediately check the constituency he is representing!

Another noticeable feature is that increasingly the Tamil caste divide has again emerged. Though LTTE discouraged this as it was an impediment to their overall objective, LTTE now without its megalomaniac leader has no one to bring out the belt and so the caste differences have arisen to appalling levels both in Sri Lanka and overseas.

These are all the legal dealings of the LTTE Inc.. so you can gage the numbers involved and why majority of them are reluctant to denounce LTTE crimes and instead prefer to brainwash their own minds into believing the lies they have spun!

The spin doctors include actual doctors, the academic doctorate holders, trickling down to cover all spheres of industries all of which are interconnected to LTTE Inc.

Of course there are internal rifts and squabbles but they are all kept under wraps and never exposed.

In the UK most of the kovils are now under LTTE influence, the gala dinners and charity events come at a big price per head which every Tamil attending has to pay, another means of generating income. Throughout the year there will be similar events on the guise of commemorating Prabakaran and his cadres to which all Tamils are expected to attend and contribute…all income generating avenues!

Let’s presume the above to be the front office, there’s bigger happenings in the back office where a host of illegal activities include credit card scams, extortions from Tamils (kappan collectors - probably Tamils who do not wish to be part of the LTTE Inc network) human smuggling, trafficking refugees, illegal narcotics & drug trafficking, illegal arms transporting, trafficking black market goods, social security frauds, hawala, money laundering, LTTE even has its own ships that carry out bulk of these illegal activities.

Therefore it is imperative that we understand that the LTTE Inc has become a livelihood generator. It has uplifted the lives of many Tamils, which is one reason why majority of Tamils are hesitant to denounce the LTTE. They cannot do so because they are indirectly benefitting from it. They all want to sustain the LTTE Inc because it is a means of sustaining themselves. This is one reason why their proposals are related to items they know the majority would oppose. In fact, they want the majority to oppose. There is a reason why Prabakaran refused every proposal put before him including CBK’s offer of running the areas under his control for 10 years without election.

It is unfortunate that while a handful of Tamils prospered they did so at the cost of putting their own people on the line. The cadres of the LTTE were all low caste and from impoverished homes. Poverty inducted them into becoming cadres. Whatever, Mano Ganeshan may say coming from the estate Tamil community he should know that the place of the estate Tamils to the elite high class/caste Tamils is lower than the low caste Tamils. The caste factor among Tamils and within the fighting cadres of the LTTE will help to understand the true status quo.

Taking all above into consideration, policy makers cannot and should not place any proposals forward without understanding the dynamics of what the LTTE Inc has torpedoed into. Why else would they create a ‘transnational government’ it is with the intent of bringing all these legal and illegal activities under one umbrella and use that power to influence and lobby locally and internationally. The eelam is simply a cover and one that is being flogged knowing its geopolitical interest for both India and the West both historically eyeing our island nation for both political and economic leverage.

Terrorism as a livelihood seems relevant to other terrorist movements as well. There are a lot of entities who make a livelihood by portraying themselves as conflict resolutionists but with no intent to resolving any issue but sustaining their own livelihood. It’s a vicious circle of people thriving from the sufferings of others and they have no qualms at all.


Shenali D Waduge

14 February 2017

Is Sri Lanka insane to proceed with a new Constitution when country is unstable and LTTE terrorism & separatism is alive?

The present government would well do to listen to the pulse of the people. 93% people polled do not wish to have a new constitution, moreover the proposals directly conflict with the status quo prevailing and will lead to dangerous ramifications none of which the committee have answers for. Why should we deal with problems after knowingly creating them? The proposals to weaken the centre and give virtual executive powers to the provinces going beyond general federal framework and departing from unitary status is inadvisable given the context of the political activism by those who are likely to lead two sensitive and volatile provinces. This island nation withstood invasions from South India and even colonial rulers, not to be divided by some committee who have no aim to protect the national history and heritage of our proud past. No new constitution can create identities or values completing disregarding and omitting the history of those who built the nation and the principles on which it was built.

The actions of the present government have been questionable and a list of faux pas is shocking.

·      Co-sponsoring the UN resolution thereby betraying the heroic men who sacrificed their lives to end LTTE terrorism and agreeing to only press war crimes charges against the soldiers by agreeing to have international judges and an international special court, completely ignoring the evidence at hand and ignoring that all of UN’s special courts have been utter failures.
·      Deproscribing banned LTTE fronts and individuals on the excuse of ‘reconciliation’
·      releasing without conditions hardcore LTTE cadres including the leader of the female sea tigers, while targeting military leaders and military personnel and charging them on frivolous non-bailable offences.
·      agreeing to compensate LTTE cadres without charging for crimes that include murdering innocent civilians.
·      Allocating lands without asserting whether those demanding lands even owned lands and can prove they owned lands. In short simply giving into and buckling to pressures.
·      tricking SLFP into forming ‘national government’ to enable ‘sole representatives of the Tamil people is LTTE’ claiming Sambanthan to become Opposition Leader
·      TNA storming army camps demanding documents!
·      Distancing Sri Lanka from historical friends China and Pakistan both countries who helped Sri Lanka end the conflict
·      Regular discovery of suicide jackets and bombs while quite strangely Sri Lanka’s ammunition factory explodes
·      All types of stunts have been pulled since May 2009 to demand removal of military from the North and closure of all military bases in the North.
·      A similar onslaught against Sinhalese claiming ‘colonization’ is also with covert attempt to remove all Sinhalese from the North and East and by default claim area as separate Tamil land. The new constitution is aiming to facilitate this overall objective.
·      Eastern Province Chief Minister to get accolades from the US envoy next to him abuses a naval officer in public and the naval officer gets transferred.
·      Open commemoration of LTTE inside state universities and even schools and nothing is done. Open commemoration of LTTE even by Chief Minister and the Opposition Leader’s own Party – even the national flag is burnt and torn and nothing is done.
·      Armed gangs are operating in the North on bicycles
·      GSP plus by EU on the assurance that Sri Lanka completely undermines its own national security and sovereignty. What kind of concessions are these forcing irreversible changes to trade deals that can easily be reversed or removed as EU has done in the past.
·      And the PM wants to build a highway connecting Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka !

Factors that cannot be ignored by the Government.

·      93% public polled do not wish for a new constitution. This beckons to question exactly what MINORITY of people want a new constitution & why, are their claims relevant or are they only mouthpieces of parties that wish to continue to destabilize Sri Lanka.

·      LTTE foreign conspired plot to assassinate TNA MP Sumanthiran. This revelation shows that Sri Lanka’s security has been weakened, that LTTE cadres are now moving in and out of the country, that various parties have tapped into these trained militant killers and can make use of them for political assassinations. TID have arrested 4 LTTE cadres in Kilinochchi following investigations

·      February 2017 - Police Counter Terrorism Unit warns of LTTE resurgence http://www.sundaytimes.lk/170212/columns/lack-of-direction-in-issues-related-to-defence-and-security-228102.html

·      December 2016 – Tamils for Obama request removal of LTTE as a foreign terrorist organization.

·      September 2016 - 15,000 Tamils gather to reject Unitary Constitution completely false notions were spread ignoring that a Sinhale Buddhist civilization existed prior to the arrival of Tamils from South India. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=629411457220664&id=259687970859683

·      April 2016 - the Northern Provincial Council has boldly passed a resolution contravening its mandate claiming ‘Sinhalese colonization in the North – clear historical proof exists to show Sinhalese were very much living in the North and East far before Tamils arrived from South India. However, TNA and NPC chief minister are regularly organizing public demos demanding Sinhalese be removed from North while daily Tamils are colonizing South areas.

·      June 2015 – ruling UNP Tamil minister whose own husband was killed by the LTTE, claims people were safer under LTTE. The same Minister a few months later said that Prabakaran would have been the Prime Minister if Rajapakse’s had not killed him.

·      In September 2015 the Sri Lanka United National Association of Canada issued a report that LTTE fronts were producing fabricated reports & documentaries to frame Sri Lanka. The report accused the 15 LTTE fronts banned by UNSC Resolution 1373 and the 424 individuals as using their accumulated funds earned through human smuggling, extortion and other illegal operations to influence the UNHRC. Referring to ‘Tainted-Freedom from Torture Report’ and video “Sri Lanka-the Search for Justice” SLUNA has accused the report of being about former LTTE cadres who had escaped to the UK via LTTE fronts and that the scars on their bodies were done in the UK for payment to facilitate asylum claims. SLUNA also accuses the video as being the same as the C4 video appearing yearly before UNHRC sessions. A C4 director is married to Ms. Sabaratnam who is alleged to be linked to LTTE and is a producer in C4. Vany Kumar a star witness turns out to be a LTTE activist. http://www.asiantribune.com/node/87970

Destabalizing hand of India continues to prevail.

Sri Lanka CANNOT ever ignore that armed militancy was initiated by Indian Government in the 1970s. All Tamil armed groups were created with the assistance of Indian Government with training, money and even logistical assistance given. Therefore, every event & incident associated with Tamils invariably has a touch of Indian involvement for whatever reason and this has to be taken into cognizance by any government in power. Neither molly cuddling to India nor going gun-ho with India can solve matters. A diplomatic national policy specifically for India is a must. 

Many of the current rise in mischief making groups are being attributed to the Indian operatives including the manner they are using Tamils and playing them against each other while also using them to make demands on an appeasing government all of which work towards Indian geopolitical advantage.

·      February 2017 - Former foreign secretary and national security advisor to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Shiv Shankar Menon’s book admits India’s role in Sri Lanka’s conflict. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/02/10/slin-f10.html

·      August 2016 – release of Journalist Neena Gopal’s book "The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi" confirms that Prabakaran’s deputy that Gopalaswamy Mahendrarajah alias Mahattaya was a Research and Analysis Wing mole. This means that every decision taken by the LTTE leader was passed to India and India was well aware of it. That Mahattaya was killed after Prabakaran found out also shows that Prabakaran a creation of India, wished to have no ties to India after he had established himself.

·      Regular discoveries of arms/ammunition etc reveal that clandestinely these are flowing from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka and is possibly the reason for vast numbers of Indian fishermen demanding rights to fish in Sri Lanka while Tamils are used to complain against the Sri Lankan Armed Forces to scare the government into confining them to barracks so a plethora of illicit and illegal activities can continue as before.

LTTE continues – Racism – Separatism thrives

·      December 2016 – LTTE Tamils in UK seeking to make a LTTE monument on a 24-acre land from Oxfordshire spending over 1.4 million Sterling Pounds

·      May 2016 – LTTE’s intelligence chief for Batticoloa, Praba arrested http://tamildiplomat.com/lttes-former-intelligence-chief-for-batticaloa-district-prabha-arrested/

·      Suicide bombers released unconditionally. President Maithripala Sirisena releases the LTTE cadre who attempted to take his life when he was health minister. (Jan 2016) A ceremony was held for this occasion. http://www.dailymirror.lk/102333/president-pardons-man-who-attempted-to-assas

·      Suicide bombers celebrated by Jaffna & Eastern universities & in schools – Even ‘moderate’ MP Sumanthiran in Parliament declared "If you are serious about reconciliation it is important for you to allow memorialisation. The government has agreed that memorialisation will be allowed." (Nov 2015).

·      LTTE cemeteries being rebuilt – completely ignoring the many lives (both non-Tamil and Tamil) extinguished by LTTE.

·      Racist rallies organized by the TNA and TNA NPC Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran

·      Destruction of Buddhist sites in North and East

A court case has been filed following several incidents of Buddhist temples and Buddhist statues being destroyed

·      Threats to Sinhalese living in North & East

TNA leaders chant ‘colonization’ and foreign sympathizers either ignorant of definition of colonization or simply towing the line have been posing threats to the Sinhalese who had been living in the North before independence and who were chased out of their homes by LTTE. No resettlement assistance has been given to them, very little foreign media exposure is given to their plight and their grievances never get even a one line mention in any UN or NGO reports.

Forbidding Tamils to marry Sinhalese

Tamil politicians spreading racism and hatred - Vanni protest against violent Sinhala colonists

·      Attacks on Sinhala students studying at the Jaffna university

Tamil academia racism and separatism – May 2016, Jaffna university commemorated dead LTTE cadres.

Jaffna university students attack Sinhala students – July 2016

Sinhalese students were attacked just because they had prepared a traditional Kandyan dance to receive the freshers at the university. One student had injuries to head and had to be operated.

TNA links to terror & separatism uninvestigated

TNA raid army camps

December 2015 - TNA NPC Chief Minister forms Tamil Makkal Peravai or Tamil Peoples’ Assembly (TPA) also known as the TPC – a sign of splitting TNA. Though claiming to be non-political party, the TPC is demanding an international war crimes inquiry - http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/TPC-wants-Int-l-probe-on-war-crimes-allegations-123658.html?fbrefresh=refresh

·      NPC Chief Minister has been flouting protocols and even violating the Constitution. Signing MOUs with foreign entities, continuous claims of ‘militarization’ hysteria giving a totally false notion to the external world completely ignoring that it was the military that he is accusing who saved 300000 Tamil civilians, built them homes with their own hands, helped them set up schools, renovated damaged kovils and other sites, helped them with their farming etc all while the Chief Minister himself was living comfortably in Colombo as were other TNA MPs.

·      In September 2016, the SLFP condemned NPC Chief Minister Wigneswaran’s “Eluga Thamil” “Rise up Tamils” campaign organized by the Tamil People’s Council headed by the CM was also supported by EPRLF and PLOTE (former armed militant groups)  Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva sked TNA to take disciplinary action against him. Nimal Siripala de Silva is on record “this political drama being enacted by Wigneswaran to collect a few points and satisfy LTTE sympathizers goes against the governments reconciliation efforts”

TNA demanded singing of National Anthem in Tamil. Violating the constitution it was done but now TNA CM is making Tamils sing a totally different anthem.

Also one of the proposals by the committee is to change the national flag. However, what difference is that going to make when the original flag did not even represent Tamils and Muslims and two stripes were introduced to accommodate both minorities, but this is the gratitude shown in respecting the national flag. How much needs to be given to those that have no gratitude and show no respect and have no limit to the demands made until they possess a separate land.

LTTE foreign network alive & thriving

Following the removal of several LTTE diaspora groups and individuals from the UNSC Resolution 1373 ban, these entities lost no time in once more pressurizing UN and foreign governments to press war crimes charges against the soldiers.

·      September 2016 – Sri Lankan envoy to Malaysia was attacked by pro-LTTE Indians inside the Malaysian international airport

·      Feb 2015 – M.A.Sumanthiran, a Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP visits Geneva to lobby for release of UN investigation report http://www.newindianexpress.com/world/TNA-Lobbying-in-Geneva-for-Release-of-UN-Report-on-SL-War-Crimes/2015/02/07/article2657623.ece

·      June 2015 : The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) meet in London alongside Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera - http://srilankabrief.org/2015/06/confidence-building-measures-in-sri-lanka-tna-gtf-on-london-meeting/

·      July 2015 – Tamil Nadu police arrest member of LTTE who had in his possession 75 cyanide capsules, 300 gm cyanide, a GPS device and a few mobile phones

·      October 2015 – LTTE in France recommence raising funds to resurrect LTTE. http://english.acmc.lk/13930/  

·      October 2015 : GTF dine with Foreign Minister in London at home of Suren Surendiran http://lankanewsweb.net/news/special-news/item/940-gtf-dine-foreign-minister

·      September 2015 : 15 Pro-LTTE diaspora groups converge in Geneva hiring PR firm TPR media consultants

·      September 2015 : Banned LTTE front GTF’s head Father Emmanuel releases statement looking forward to the international component of the Resolution http://sangam.org/fr-emmanuel-statement-unhrc/

·      LTTE diaspora was recently protesting outside Sri Lanka high commission in the UK

·      https://www.facebook.com/australiantamilcongress/posts/1760152524237051 Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) & Global Tamil Forum (GTF) calls for autonomous unit in North-East – ATC was banned as LTTE front in April 2014.

What country proceeds to make a constitution when the proposals that have so far being made fall well in line with the demands made proceeding to a separate state. Lets remind all that the ITAK constitution itself continues to be challenged for its confederal aims though Tamil politicians decry demand for a federal constitution. Why should parties & individuals uninvestigated for links to terrorists have any rights to make demands to what should and should not be included into a new constitution? Why should a state accommodate these demands knowing what the end objective is?
The LTTE diaspora banned in 2014 and now deproscribed are again chanting the same separatist slogans, Tamil politicians are doing the same – so where is this reconciliation heading?

It is time common sense prevailed. No nation can change its destination to the whims of separatists and people who playing no role in building the nation or have afforded any service to the nation.

When 93% people say they do not wish to have a new constitution – it is that view that the government needs to uphold not the whims of a handful of eternal whiners.

Shenali D Waduge