24 February 2017

Will Sri Lanka too end up a ‘Once Buddhist’ nation?

It is a tragic state of affairs when an island nation boasting a written history of over 2600 years held together by Sinhalese Buddhist kings, a nation built by a clear majority would need to appeal to the world feeling alienated by a wave of systematic incursions. That fear stems from the realization that Sri Lanka may face the same predicament that befell all other once Buddhist nations which are today either Islam or Christian as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Maldives, South Korea, Indonesia and probably Myanmar and Thailand will be in time to come. Now attempts are afoot to expunge that history and instil a new artificial identity (Sri Lankan) which has no language, culture or history. Why is the world silent on the genocide of one of the most profound religions’ in the world and an ethnic group that should be protected? Buddhists are expected to look the other side, be ‘tolerant’ while the Buddhist heritage & history is expunged & replaced. How morally correct is this?
The incursions taking place in Sri Lanka has world approval by their silence. Religions that had not even been invented when Buddhists were worshiping these are sites are now claiming rights to these places that had been revered by Buddhists. These have turned into multicultural sites and are now being incrementally usurped with false histories.
Should we be passive onlookers and watch centuries of history and heritage be wiped out and replaced?
Of course, the moment fears are presented the automatic reactions is to either shoot down the messenger as being extremist, racist, fundamentalist or similar names or have a few write ups preaching peaceful coexistence to allay the fears and in turn brush the warning signals under the carpet.
This way, valid questions about the incursions, encroachment on Buddhist temple lands, bribing of officials to take sacred land areas, historically non-existent mosques and Churches emerging, use of loud speakers at mosques to drive non-Buddhists away are quietly shoved to a corner.
No majority Buddhist country has treated non-Buddhists as Hindus, Islam, Christianity/Catholicism are being treated in Sri Lanka. Show us one non-Buddhist majority country that has given Buddhists the same freedoms that all the minorities presently enjoy in Sri Lanka inclusive of the ever rising number of religious structures they put up legally & illegally.
However, it is no exaggeration that the only party expected to compromise are the Buddhists for every issue. These demands have been unrelenting and unreasonable. Today, a bunch of foreign funded NGOs have been tasked to draw up the country’s new constitution with their sole aim being to wipe out the historic status of Buddhism and subject it to ceremonial purposes by using foreign funded propaganda to hit at every Buddhist associated ritual and culture and demand its removal – the attempt to remove the perahera elephants using the bogey of animal cruelty was one such attempt exposed in time.
Simple questions end up being twisted to hide the objective. The question with regard to halal certification was simple. If Muslims had eaten food without halal label for centuries why was there a sudden need for a private institute to charge a fee to issue halal certificates on all food items purchased by the whole populace? Import-Export to Muslim countries had been taking place for centuries without halal labels! Was this not a business venture riding on religious rights??? Halal is also not consistent with Coke/Pepsi both of which have 0.001$ alcohol which is one of the most fast moving soft drinks consumed by Muslims.
New dress practices are not religious rights. Cultural practices are not religious rights. Commercial leverages are also not religious rights. Politicizing issues cannot be religious rights too.
All that Government authorities had to do was to give the historical timelines and say “Look, these sites were Buddhist thousand years before Islam or Christianity was invented, how right is it to claim them as your own!” The ignorance of historical timelines is the cause of much of the unnecessarily politicized friction.
Politicians have also failed to show that Muslims never owned land during times of the Buddhist kings not even during colonial rule. Muslims owned land only after 1832. Robert Knox and Portuguese historian Queyroz can be quoted as evidence “Besides the Dutch who possess, as I judg, about one fourth of the Island, there are Malabars, that are free Denizons and pay duty to the King for the Land they enjoy, as the Kings natural Subjects do; there are also Moors, who are like Strangers, and hold no Land, but live by carrying goods to the Sea-Ports, which now are in the Hollanders hands.” (Robert Knox)
If Christian countries can take State measures to protect its Christian history & heritage. If Muslim countries does the same. Why does the world feel it must object to Sri Lanka protecting its Buddhist past?
Why should Sri Lankan politicians feel shy about introducing protection & preservation of its Buddhist past?
Of course, the majority Sinhala Buddhists have lost faith in all ‘Buddhist leaders’ for they all end up falling for the perks and offerings from minorities who are backed by a plethora of foreign sources.
Post-independent governments have failed to clearly articulate that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist nation. The Buddhist roots cannot be marginalized or replaced. That history cannot be removed by replacing an artificial Sri Lankan identity which is currently in vogue. Sri Lankan identity has no language, no culture – no criteria that advocates an identity of a country. The quest has been to remove the place of Buddhism and the slogans secular, multicultural, multifaith are ploys used for that objective.
No country can have a future without knowing its past. Many countries do not have proud histories. Most countries of the world were occupied, invaded territories which were partitioned and turned into new countries after colonization. Most countries of the world have been subject to artificial boundaries. Sri Lanka is an exception as it is an island nation. At no time was Sri Lanka merged with any other territory. The Sinhalese withstood invasions of South Indians and the 3 European occupiers. It was only as a result of selfish local chieftans that the island was handed over to foreign rulers. This proud past cannot be forgotten other countries do not have such memories to be proud of which is probably why they want us to forget ours.
Communities that were invited, protected by the Sinhale kings are now making aggressive demands. It goes to show how treatment in reverse happens. Majority protected minorities – Minorities demand the end of the Majority.
The minorities demand that the majority must live according to their whims and fancies – where in the world does such happen? The majority are expected to look the other way, silently watch as all their boundaries are crossed and turned into either Hindu, Islamic, Catholic/Christian domains. The majority are not expected to even object and the moment they do the whole world comes down calling them all sorts of names and the latest tactic is to get a handful of namesake Buddhists to run down their own people, for lavish payments of course!
There are reasons for Buddhists of Sri Lanka to fear. Maldives is one good example where its Buddhist history was expunged and replaced with only Islamic history. The Dhanbidhū Lōmāfānu copperplates in Maldives dates to 1193AD and shows how Buddhist monks were beheaded and mosques built on top of Buddhist monuments.
Islam’s iconoclasm entails the destruction of all non-Islamic sites. These are no exaggerations. The manner Islamic invaders destroyed all non-Islamic sites is a perfect example. The importance of the example of Bamiyan Buddhas is that there had been numerous attempts by Islamic invaders from Aurangzeb since 17th century to destroy these statues and succeeded only in 2001.
Mullah Omar states “Muslims should be proud of smashing idols. It has given praise to God that we have destroyed them”. The response of the Afghan Foreign Minister was ‘we are destroying the statues in accordance with Islamic law and it is purely a religious issue’. Destroying non-Islamic religious statues is Islamic law and that explains the attacks on Buddhist temples in Bangladesh and Maldives. Does that not merit us in Sri Lanka to worry too? Are we exaggerating or should we too wait in silence until what happened in Bangladesh, Maldives and Afghanistan to happen to our ancient and proud statues in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla, Kelaniya etc!
What good is an apology after a monument of pride has been destroyed. Can it ever be replaced with an apology? Why must people destroy what is precious to a community that built the island?
Therefore, when Sinhalese Buddhist convey their fears – there is a valid reason to do so. They cannot be asked to keep silent and bury their heads as ostriches and expect to get accolades as a ‘tolerant’ and ‘compassionate’ religion while incursions and destructions are taking place.
Yes, ours is not a faith-based religion, ours is a compassionate philosophy giving life to all including animals but that compassion cannot be taken as our weakness and used against us. Many namesake Buddhists are yet to understand the real teachings of Buddha, which is one reason why they too get trapped into the secular slogans and ideology.
The facts speak for themselves. It is unfortunate that politicians have failed to put these facts on the table.
The nation was built not by Christians/Muslims or Hindus. If so, show the evidence not stories. The Sinhala Buddhist past can be seen at every corner of the island.
The architectural, man-made irrigational marvels of Anuradhapura that no other civilization has matched were built long before Islam even originated. It now emerges that iron technology too developed in our island.
Even after systematic destruction of Buddhist monasteries, temples and statues by South Indian invaders and the 3 colonial rulers a significant number of Buddhist structures exists to showcase the extent of Sinhala Buddhist rule throughout the island. You can imagine the structures that would have existed had these not been destroyed.
The Sinhale kings ruled following the Laws of Manu. After Buddhism was introduced, Buddhist customary laws applied to all. There were no forced conversions. No other religions had to fear Buddhism nor did they have to convert. The teachings could be followed by people of other faiths without converting. No other religion gave right to life for animals and it was nothing that other religions could disagree or argue against. No Muslims demanded halal labels or right to animal slaughter during times of the Buddhist kings! Even the British agreed to maintain the status of Buddhism when the Kandyan Convention was signed in 1815. Buddhism has never defined non-Buddhists. No teachings of Buddha advocates how to treat non-Buddhists. However, Islam defines people as Infidels, Zimmis, Kafirs.
The minorities claim peaceful co-existence – how can they explain why they would pass resolutions demanding autonomy if so. How can they explain why they create ghetto minority areas and disallow others from taking residence. In 1976 Tamils passed Vaddukoddai Resolution. The Muslim Congress issued the Oluvil Declaration.
Just like all Tamils are not LTTE but all LTTE were Tamils. All Arabs were not Muslim and all Muslims were not Arabs. Yonas were Greeks not Muslims as is being projected. Arab Christians converted to Islam after the Islamic conquests. These facts all need to come into the open.
The world is in turmoil as a result of incursions. Incursions led to Brexit, it is why Trump came to power. It is why France will see a new leader and why Germany will also see distinct changes. The people of these countries are feeling the incursions and they do not like it. They are also angry at how later-day arrivals are calling the shots and making demands as to how the majority should live. This is exactly how the Sinhalese majority are today feeling. Older culture, traditions and history cannot be bulldozed and replaced with new versions. A nation is not a place for experiments by people who have no culture, history or personal integrity to be proud of.
The Sinhalese majority have never said other communities do not belong. They have never called for other communities to leave the island. All that the Sinhala majority say is that other communities need to respect and not incur upon Buddhist heritage sites and history.
The incursions taking place as a result, forces the majority to identify the Sinhale nation with other once Buddhist nations that were usurped as a result of those natives being asked to just look the other way.
Therefore, people should desist from twisting and turning the real grievances of the majority because all that the majority is trying to do is to preserve the older culture that has existed for over 2600 years against new cultures which are demanding the older culture be replaced with theirs.

Shenali D Waduge
23rd February 2017
HE Mr Donald Trump
The President of the USA
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

His Excellency the President,

Sir, I am a supporter of your excellency, and continue to be supportive on various topics on a multiple dimensional perspective. On the question of Mexicans we SriLankans support your ideas whole heartedly. The question of influx of illegal migrants should be addressed. Purely because those who crawl into US are mostly uneducated, with no skill, no expertise, and no job orientation. Only performance they are competent is drug & human trafficking, smuggling and all illegal activities that will generate millions of dollars income to their personal coffer.
I am a Tamil SriLankan Australian, although I prefer to identify me as an Australian. It has befallen necessary to write this letter to the White House, as an appeal, after reading the various political divergences of the Tamil Diaspora in the US & Canada particularly, and how they are attempting to intrude and pollute the minds of the administration to portray as if Tamils in SriLanka are being subjected to discrimination and human rights violation.
I am a very senior person who has worked in the UK, SriLanka, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, New Zealand & Australia. I have quite comprehended Tamils’ pugnacious behaviour on a socio-economic & political perspective. As Tamils, majority of us lack knowledge in listening skills & Conflict Resolution, and always resort to man handling opponents, killing or engage in subversive activities. Majority of us have a narrow mind with thoughts generated, as if we live in a fish bowl.

My experience drives me to assent that “Expertise + Reliability + Flexibility = Capability” (E+R+F=C). The general perception is that Intelligence is to understand with pure reasoning. I quite doubt on how Tamils & Diaspora interpret this formula to understand with pure reasoning to achieve a high level of IQ.

SriLankan Diaspora then and now
Tamils in the US formed two associations called, “Tamils for Obama” and “Tamils for Clinton” when Obama and Clinton were contesting for the Presidency. They supported both candidates so that no matter who was elected they would be able to get their dirty work done through either one. The Tamil diaspora in Canada attempted to canvass Oprah Winfrey’s support by organizing “Walk for Oprah” (http://sandeshaya-canada.blogspot.com.au/2009/04/oprah-winfrey-says-no.html) from Canada to US and appear on her Show to appeal to the US public.

During the current (past) election, Tamils again supported Hillary Clinton via their Facebook page; (https://www.facebook.com/Tamilsforhillary/) “Tamils for Clinton”. In Sri Lanka they even held religious ceremonies to invoke celestial blessings on their favourite candidate Hillary. It is clear that the Tamil diaspora in the US had millions of dollars accrued from the LTTE funds to be spent on their favourite candidates. All LTTE operatives are now millionaires. FBI should investigate in US and Canada.

Now media claims that Tamils have formed an org called; “Tamils for Trump”. I am sure these orgs cannot mislead the head of the USA, because you are a patriot who believe in remoulding USA and not any other countries.

Truth of SriLankan Affairs
Excellency; I do not wish to acme historical facts in detail, but briefly affirm who the victims in SriLanka were and are over centuries. I have published three books on SriLankan politics and history.

SriLanka, the island of paradise, was a Sinhala speaking Buddhist country since 5 BC. Invasions by the Indian non Tamil kingdoms and the Southern Kingdoms befell over several centuries. These invasions resulted in the massacre & carnage of several hundreds of thousands of Sinhalese people over several centuries. These invasions ended with the invaders looting and plundering the assets of the locals, and get back to India.

In the 14th century a rowdy called, “Megha” crawled into the North and established a settlement in Jaffna. N&E settled non-Tamil speaking, Malabar, Karnataka, Marathi, Javanese, Telugus & other minor ethnic groups from India and Java. As Tamil in South India was a link language, those who settled in the N&E spoke Tamil. Today, majority of congenitally imbeciles (Tamils), view that they have been Tamils over thousands of centuries in a country called Elam. The White House historians would agree that “Elam” empire was a country/region in the then “Persia”, which is now Iran. (Ref: http://www.cais-soas.com/CAIS/History/Elamite/elam_history.htm). History states that several races invaded the Indus Valley and India, some invaded South East Asia (Indochina), while others invaded the South of India. Ref: http://www.gloriousindia.com/history/ancient_history.html.
The sequence of episodes within the Tamil political discords gave directions to politician, SJV Chelvanayagam starting the racial thrust by forming a federal party, notion on Tamil nation, and phrasing his political party to carry a different meaning to convince the Tamils. It is speculated that his actions were as a result of refusal of a ministerial portfolio in the then government.

70 million Tamils live in Tamil Nadu which is part of India. Tamil population in SriLanka was less than 11% in the 50s. The minority Tamils in SriLanka are living with a majority complex just because of the 70 million Tamils in India. However, up to the 20th century, Labourers from Tamil Nadu, and Andra kept on sneaking into the North. My dad was a Police Inspector (OIC) in the North and he was working with a military unit knows as “TFAII”, (Task Force for Anti Illicit Immigration) in the 50s. (Quote ref: https://thecarthaginiansolution.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/sri-lankas-military-the-search-for-a-mission-2004-blodgett.pdf.

SriLanka cannot build a wall between India and SL because the two countries are separated by sea. Ie the Palk Strait. This made it easy for the Indians to sneak into SL.
As a patriotic American President, Sir, you will understand the psychological trauma experienced by the military, Navy, police and the citizens of SL. The victims of SriLanka are the Sinhalese community.
Further, Tamils are in every country in Europe, Americas, and SE Asia. They are not political refugees, but, economic refugees (ER). Literates will agree that these ER are better off overseas than in SL because of the living conditions. Once they get permanent residence, they change their names; however, there is a possibility that they become missing persons in SL.
Hence in my view, Tamils could be paralleled to the Mexicans of the USA.
Majority of these illegal migrants are uneducated, coolies, labourers and may be drug traffickers and smugglers. Current situation is that the illegal entry has been brought to zero, however, our PM, Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe, is attempting to bring Indians via legal route, an agreement called “ETCA”. India is a large country where space could be developed with its natural resources; however, SL is a small island struggling to feed its own people.
Whatever Tamil Diaspora claims, we Tamils are illegal migrants into the island since the 14th century. May be Tamil language is old as 4000 years, however, the language is not old as 4000 years in SL and was not spoken in SL, but in India, Persia, Sumerian and Africa. We Tamils should understand this truth and agree, not boast, and enter in to arguments.
Appended below is a schedule of the population distribution in SL in 2011.
With a total population of 20,263,723, the Sinhalese people; 15,173,820, SriLanka Tamils; 2,270,924 and the Indian Tamils; 842,323. On a percentage basis, Sinhalese strength is 74.88%, SL Tamils 11.21%, and Indian Tamils 4.16%.
If the Hill country (Tea-growing area) Tamils are merged with the Tamils from the Northern and Eastern Provinces as a Tamil entity, the percentage of Tamils living outside the North and East is 49 %. This means that only 51% live in the North & East.

Population Distribution in SriLanka

Only 993,741 live in the North. Sir, do we really think that this population need a separate administration. Will that be economically and politically a good attempt to govern in the small country which begs for aid and grants from the west.
If the Mexicans fight for a separate administration in the US, will the president and the US government be happy to oblige?

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

The leader of LTTE Vellupillai Prabakaran (VP) is an eighth standard educated person with absolute zero level knowledge in the areas of social science, political science, economics, & political economics. He hails from a town where majority were involved in smuggling for living. It cannot be debated and disagreed that, initially; India gave the support and trained these LTTE & other terrorists on Indian soil. The LTTE was based in Indira-Nagar, Madras supported by the late Chief Minister MG Ramachandran.

In this context, India should be sturdily liable for wrenching SriLanka into their international politics. None of the international world was interested in decreeing LTTE as a terrorist organisation. It is only after the 9/11, US declared LTTE as a terrorist organisation followed by others. Afghanistan and Iraq was invaded by Bush in the name of Al-Qaida and the WMD. Will US invade India for helping and aiding LTTE?

During the period 1995 – 2009, the 300,000+ Tamils in Vanni were only slave labour hobbled by the LTTE for their own advantage. No Tamil was able to get out of Vanni for fear of facing death. In May 2009, our then President freed the Tamils from bondage and since then Tamils want a peaceful living.

LTTE Associates

Those who were associated with the LTTE, Tamil Diaspora and those who illegally migrated have now formed several different organisations, congress and associations under the pretext of democratic societies/organisations.
It is worth to mention that Tamils have formed associations in each of the western countries.

The Tamil Coordinating Committee was a diaspora arm of the LTTE, who were directing subversive activities. Although LTTE was decreed as a terrorist organisation, the TCC was overlooked and TCC is still operating in most of the countries. If LTTE terrorism has to be eliminated fully, then those organisations which have LTTE associates or members should be banned to achieve positive results.

Transnational Government of Tamil Elam-TGTE

It is relevant to state at this juncture that Visvanathan Rudrakumaran was associated with VP and the LTTE. Evidence is the picture below.
                         Image 1                                                  Image 2
Image 1:          Mr Visvanathan Rudrakumaran, so called Prime Minister of fictitious Transnational Government of Tamil Elam with LTTE supremo Mr Vellupillai Prabakaran (Ref: http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/8543437/image/75769908-visivanathan-rudrakumaran-with-ltte-leader-prabakaran) Image 2: Rudrakumaran (2nd from left) beside LTTE Supreme Commander Prabakaran.

His intellectual contribution to the US and the people is questionable. How does he earn his income for living? FBI should investigate into their financial transactions. How is it possible for him to have a cabinet and have several ministers? How are they paid?
TGTE is an illegal organisation and no one can dispute to proof that at least some members who supported or associates of the LTTE are within the TGTE group. TGTE is neither a community nor social organisation, but it hurls challenges to the sovereignty and integrity of a sovereign republic: SL.
I quote an article http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2013/01/13/security-forces-bust-tgte-tna-jsu-terrorist-plot/.
(i)                   SriLanka is a small country with unique people and does not want to be dragged into international politics.
(ii)                 An appeal to US to support SL to be a republic, one nation, one country with Sinhalese, Tamils, Burgers and Muslims as members of the community.
(iii)                Ban TGTE and the Global Tamil Forum.
(iv)               Ban TCC.
(v)                 Bring all those insurrectionary & destabilising terrorists hiding under fictitious names to justice.

TGTE, not only is wasting funds and posing a threat to harmony around the globe, but has created a precedence for other radicals around the world. Just an example: The White House cannot rule out the possibility, in time to come, of Indians/Mexicans creating a Transnational Government of Apache Land, in Canada or any other American countries.


It is to be complemented that every country has the right to defend & protect its territory and boarders from invasion by placing its troops at the border, and SriLanka is no exception.

Every SriLankan should have the right to live anywhere in SriLanka, and Tamils should not raise their voice and object, because it’s internal demographic movement of citizens. If Tamils can live in the South then Sinhalese people should have every right to live and work in the N&E. SriLanka has given equal rights to every citizen of SL. It’s not clear as to what the Tamils claim as equal rights. Tamils should join the governance and ask for a couple of ministerial portfolios, if Tamils are after power sharing. Tamils should not demand removal of Sinhalese from the North and east, because they have lived there for centuries and it’s our (SriLankans) country.

We love the United States and will always love and be pro-US.

Thank you Sir,

Kanthar P Balanathan