24 April 2018

The support for abolishing the Executive Presidency is a ‘Fool’s Errand’

Ranjith Soysa MEDIA RELEASE SPUR (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc)

The Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR) joins other nationalist organisations, professionals and patriotic politicians in strongly condemning the proposal to abolish the Executive Presidential System in Sri Lanka.
The territorial integrity and unitary state of the nation is critically dependent on an Executive President who is directly elected by all its eligible citizens regardless of ethnicity, religion or regional/local interests.  In particular, it acts as a counterweight to the separatist features of the 13th Amendment because the peoples’ sovereignty over the entire nation is exercised by the President through the Provincial Governors.
It is indeed the Executive President, who is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, who played a vital role in providing political leadership and mobilising the resources to protect the country from the separatist forces and resisted foreign interference during war with the Tamil Tiger Terrorists.   Even in recent times, the perpetrators of infamous Central Bond Scam would not have been exposed even to this extent if not for the intervention of the President.
At a time when the legislative arm of the country has been prone to instability and is being held to ransom by power brokers, it is the Executive Presidency which retains the important role of balancing the power blocks and setting the political direction for Sri Lanka as a whole.
The Presidential System of Government is widely and successfully used in both Western and Eastern countries.  While improvements to the Sri Lankan Constitution are always possible, they should be done with proper analysis and consultation rather than as an expedient short-cut to power at the expense of the nation’s stability and security.
In the present context, hasty steps are being taken to introduce a new constitution at the behest of the separatist diaspora as well as the external powers which are attempting to change the character of Sri Lanka by enhancing the powers of the periphery at the expense of a strong and unifying centre.  The sudden interest of the JVP and other fringe groups in promoting this as a ‘democratic’ solution is nothing but a trap to enshrine the separatist ‘power sharing’ among racist enclaves within a weakened Sri Lankan State.
It is indeed unfortunate that some representatives of the Joint Opposition appear to support the abolition of the executive presidency.   Those on this ‘fool’s errand’, dreaming that it could be linked to the dissolution of Parliament followed by early election, are in fact ‘throwing out the baby with the bath water’ in return for short-term gains in political power.
Hence, we urge the Joint Opposition, the SLFP as well as the patriotic members of all other parties to oppose any proposal to abolish the Executive Presidency.  We also appeal to the people of Sri Lanka to be alert to this impending threat and reject any such Constitutional Amendment if and when it is placed before them at a future Referendum.

Ranjith Soysa


23 April 2018

The Evidence: How lies – Fake Videos – PR stunts – Child Actors justify military interventions of sovereign nations
Countries have fallen. People have lost lives & homes. Countries are destabilized, split to pieces, locals are armed, locals are roped in as poodles, regime change & system change are all part of a neo-colonial liberal agenda that seeks to destroy the sovereign state system & bring corporate rule to the hands of a miniscule. This agenda has been rolled out a well-planned, well-coordinated, well-funded set of initiatives of which manufactured stories, news, fake videos, false eye witnesses, staged scenes, bogus NGOs, bought over locals and now even child actors are playing a role. In bringing out some of the lies that went to destroy nations, the people of Sri Lanka should now not be naïve to think that there is a bigger picture to the existence of the LTTE, those that funded & supported them & every post-war action taking place against everyone that contributed to the defeat of LTTE terrorism.

Gulf War – Iraq
This is Gen. Colin Powell. In 2003 he was the US Secretary of State. In February 2003, he lied to the UN holding up ‘evidence’ of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. There was no such WMDs but Iraq was invaded.
He is alleged to have made 254 false statements in the run up to the Iraq War
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ughtKRK78-g – Sec of State Powell lies about WMDs at the UN
Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense also caught lying about Iraq’s WMD
This is Charles Jaco – CNN reporter covering the 1990 Persian Gulf War. He was made famous for no reason. Leaked footage shows the entire clip was done inside CNN studio and they even went to the extent of putting gas masks amid false sirens! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTWY14eyMFg
This is Nayirah. Her ‘performance’ was part of a $12m package to a US PR firm that coached her to cry before US Congress & manufacture a story about Iraqi troops killing babies in incubators which was quoted even by US President Bush to justify bombing of Iraq. Viewing her act will shock any as to how 15 year olds can be trained to cry & tell false stories. She was the daughter of the Kuwait ambassador to US & Canada & a member of the Kuwait Royal Family. There were no such incubator baby killings but Iraq was invaded!

Listen to the speeches of both PMs – both are identical & helped pave way to invade Iraq! Who wrote the script?
Lies that Destroyed Yugoslavia, Serbia & created Kosovo
Media & Western government spread fabricated concentration camps,” rape camps,” and similar Nazi- and Auschwitz-like analogies
This is Fikret Alic, a Bosnian Muslim. He was used as a symbol by West against Serbia in 1992. He is shown as an emaciated man standing behind a barbed wire fence but he was not in any concentration camp as alleged.  It was from a videoclip by a British TV team to which C4 also participated. His physique was a result of a birth defect!
Serbian Concentration Camp fabrication – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xss0Ep1MJM (remember the concentration camp/internment camp stories that were making the rounds against Sri Lanka)

The Pulitzer Prize for international reporting on Yugoslavia was given to John F. Burns of the New York Times in 1993 for his articles on the destruction of Sarajevo and the barbarous killings” in Bosnia. The prize was based heavily on his interview with alleged Serb killer-rapist Borislav Herak. However, Herak later confessed that he was tortured to admit to rape by his Bosnian Muslim captors.

The Markale Market massacre on August 27, 1993 received the same attention the International Community gave Sri Lanka to LTTE crimes – ignored & turning a blind eye. But when Bosnian Muslims claimed 200,000” dead without even providing evidence it became worldwide news just like the inflated figures falling from the sky regarding the ‘dead/missing’ in Sri Lanka – no names, no dead bodies not even skeletons! In Kosovo too the inflated figures of 200,000 eventually had to come down to a realistic 2000 & those exaggerating were never punished. The same scenario prevails in Sri Lanka! KLA are equivalent to LTTE & post-Kosovo KLA are ruling while LTTE’s TNA are now at the helm in Sri Lanka!

The West’s interference & interventions in the Middle East & parts of Africa have been based on lies. Lies manufactured and presented through PR firms, lobbied by others & spread by media. How authentic are these military interventions then? Not one military intervention or R2P has been genuine. From the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the creation of mini-states, the lies that led to the independence of Kosovo, then to the liberation of Libya killing its leader and from 2011 it has been Syria.
Lies that led to the bogus ‘Liberation’ of Libya
Gaddafi was projected as a ‘dictator’. Media relayed him as a killer of his own people. Libyan govt was accused of mass human rights violations. The ‘rebels’ the Libyan govt were fighting were armed, trained & financed by Western governments. The West wanted Gaddafi not to step down but – they wanted him dead. He was eventually mercilessly killed while the West watched and applauded. Today Libyans have not been liberated. They have found out their ‘dictator’ was an angel compared to the failed state that exists after Western regime change. Then the West moved on to their next target Syria

Danny Abdul Dayem
This is a screen shot of Danny Abdul Dayem another fake news manufactured in 2011 to facilitate the invasion of Syria. Danny turned out to be a British citizen & one of the rainbow boys paid to kick start the Syrian colour ‘revolution’. His ‘reports’ were used to build anti-Assad sentiment by BBC, CNN & Al Jazeera. He was dubbed the voice of Homs”. Living in London he was portrayed as a ‘eyewitness’ in Homs & shot by Syrian troops.
EXPOSED: Danny Abdul-Dayem & CNN Lying…Again – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4YfKIPDS8E

Everyone will remember this photo. He is OMRAN who was rescued after an airstrike by White Helmets in Syria/Aleppo. The child’s image was used by western media to show brutality of the Syrian Govt. His father alleged his son was used as propaganda with everyone photographing him without attending to his injuries.
Omran Daqneesh’s Father Exposes mainstream media https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rE0emXxJTo
Is video of Syrian ‘hero boy’ authentic?
This was what was shown to the world
That it was a film was never told!
Is video of Syrian ‘hero boy’ authentic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjb4XgjuP4A
Millions became captivated by this video of a Syrian boy rescuing a little girl amidst gunfire. The reality was that it was a film by a Norwegian team & the location was Malta not Syria & the boy was not Syrian but a child actor, so was the little girl.
Image of a Young boy sleeping with his dead parents” was circulated on facebook & twitter in 2014. 
The staff of the UN had even circulated it.
We were all shown the first photo & not the 2nd
The reality was that it was part of an art project by photographer Abdul Aziz al Otaibi & shot in Saudi Arabia & not in Syria.

Who are the WHITE HELMETS? 
Also known as the Syrian Civil Defense claims to be ‘impartial’ ‘non government’ however White Helmets was created in 2013 not by Syrians but James Le Mesurier a former British army officer & working as a UN staff member. The WH were operating solely in terrorist held areas – that explains their close relationship with the al-Qaeda affiliated group Jabhat al-Nusra & thus the defacto ‘eyewitnesses’ (ring a bell regarding the INGOs/NGOs working in LTTE held areas and the ‘eyewitnesses who are LTTE cadres or supporters!) For those that fund both – they are not terrorists but rebels, freedom fighters & civil defense!
Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters denounced the White Helmets civil defense group” in Syria as a fake organization” that spreads propaganda for jihadists and terrorists.” White Helmets sounds so much like the LTTE fronts operating from overseas!
The WH claim to be unarmed – but this photo shows otherwise
    white helmets very much armed!
US State Dept admitted providing $23m assistance through USAID to the WH but its website claims it accepts no ‘money from governments’. Total funding from other governments come to $100m with $65m from UK officially being declared (Vanessa Beeley)
The White Helmets even won an Oscar (we recall how LTTE funded C4 Killing Fields was similarly nominated)
Eva Bartlett says there are no international organization on the ground in Aleppo Syria. West relies on White Helmets & Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – one man report from UK. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6utDs1b_TU (this is a must listen as what Eva says has similarities with Sri Lanka’s scenario)
Vanessa Beeley also exposes the White Helmet as participating against Syrian civilians and on the side of the terrorists! If they are virtually terrorists & they die why does the world mourn them simply because they are projected as ‘rescue workers” did we not experience same scenario in Sri Lanka with those supporting the LTTE claiming to be ‘civilian’.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvwvw9z5j3g – the Lies behind the White Helmets
The White Helmets not only feel at home on territories controlled by Al-Nusra Front and Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL], but also openly express positive attitudes towards them, providing them with information and even financial assistance,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova said
She noted that there is documentary evidence” showing that White Helmets members were in fact part of certain operations by the terrorists. Zakharova said there are videos showing Syrian troops being tortured and executed in the presence of White Helmets.
Doctors have condemned the techniques used by White Helmets
White Helmets Video: Swedish Doctors for Human Rights Denounce Medical Malpractice and ‘Misuse’ of Children for Propaganda Aims
This was a hoax shot made to fool the world
Remember this scene? It was posted as a rescue which was untrue but then it turned out it was just a staged scene & White Helmets posted an apology & removed the clip.
And not surprisingly people are now questioning the authenticites of White Helmet videos just as people are now question the C4 & Callum McCrae’s videos against Sri Lanka.

However given the patronage of powerful governments in the West behind the White Helmets, is it a surprise they won an Oscar in 2017! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytpt4sgoxYI
White Helmets were even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017!
Andrew Korybko’s book, Hybrid Wars: The Indirect Adaptive Approach to Regime Change (available for free shows how NGOs are used as fronts to promote Governmental ‘humanitarian’ missions. The UNHRC is being used for this exercise against Sri Lanka in lieu of Western ‘humanitarian’ intervention given the sensitivity to India’s role in the continent.

The “ACTOR” even thanked White Helmets for “RESCUING” him!
AYA being used over & over again by White Helmets
It was the White Helmets that accused the Syrian Government of chemical gas attack on Syrian civilians. On April 7th, in the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta, an area just east of Damascus, an alleged chemical gas attack occurred, killing over 40 people. Pearson Sharp, a reporter for One America News Network visited Douma and found that all the locals say that the so-called April 7 Douma chemical attack had been fabricated by militants and story spread by white helmets.

11 year old Hassan Diab

Russian foreign ministry says Hassan should tell all to the UNSC of the lies spread by White Helmets – 
No Sri Lanka can ignore these ground realities and compare similarities with scenarios in Sri Lanka. After so doing, the next question is are you going to be part of these regime change destabilizing agenda or will you attempt to safeguard the nation, its people & its national assets?
When reading the expose’s we are happy that Syria has a friend in the Russians who are countering all the lies. We are also happy that journalists like Eva Bartlett & Vanessa Beeley are boldly challenging the corporate media lies & the journalists propagating these lies. In the English local media in Sri Lanka, we have only a handful of such personalities and Shamindra Ferdinando is one that immediately comes to mind. If only Sri Lanka too had a mechanism to put out the truth on the LTTE, the LTTE fronts, LTTE diaspora, the foreign governments, UN officials, NGOs/INGOs on their payroll just as the lies on Syria is helping us to understand the bigger picture – Sri Lanka’s post-LTTE defeat narrative would have been written differently.

Shenali D Waduge

21 April 2018

Exposing fake witnesses in Iraq & Sri Lanka: Nayirah & Vany Kumar
The intervention in Syria has become an eye opener as a string of lies, fake videos, images, recruitment of child artists & PR firms have exposed the lies that have gone into justifying military intervention by the West & UN action thereafter. A girl crying before Congress claiming she witnesses Iraqi soldiers remove babies from incubators justified the invasion of Iraq. Channel 4’s star witness was Vany Kumar who had arrived from London to the Vanni and her accounts of blood being mixed with water & given to dying Tamil civilians together with a series of documentaries titled Killing Fields” led to successive UNHRC Resolutions against Sri Lanka. We will now examine these two accounts to showcase how & what has gone into fooling all of us.
This is Nayirah. It was not her real name. Her real name was hidden to protect her from the ‘Iraqis’.

In 1990, she was a 15 year old girl who was one of the many who testified before US Congress. She described with tears how Iraqi soldiers removed babies from the incubators & killed them at the Al-Addan hospital. “While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where … babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.” Her witness accounts were so vivid it moved those present to tears. Her incubator story was repeated no less than 7 times by the US President George Bush Senior himself. Her story may not have been the only justification to invade Iraq but it definitely steered US sentiments to facilitate it. Even Amnesty International quoted her testimony claiming 312 dead babies and later was forced to retract it. However, there were no other witnesses to support her story, not even the doctors who were present on that day at the hospital.

What the world did not know was that Nayirah was not her real name.

She was Nijirah Al-Sabah, the daughter of Saud Bin Nasir Al-Sabah, the Kuwait ambassador to the US & Canada & a member of the Kuwait Royal Family & she had been trained to cry & give falsified evidence by US PR firm Hill & Knowlton. The firm distributed her testimony. The politicians used the story to manipulate the public and the mainstream media helped spread & reinforce the lie. The killing babies story worked in World War 1 when the British accused Germans. H&K vice-president Lauri Fitz-Pegado had coached Nayirah

When ‘Nayirah’s father was questioned. This was his reply “If I wanted to lie, or if we wanted to lie, if we wanted to exaggerate, I wouldn’t use my daughter to do so. I could easily buy other people to do it.— Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait’s Ambassador to the United States and Canada. He was also related to the Kuwait Royal family. ‘Nayirah’ & family were living in the US.

On 2nd August 1990 – Iraqi troops under orders of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.
When Saddam was a ‘friend’ of the US between 1980-1988 and helped kill about 150,000 Iranians the US, the world, the UN or media were not concerned about human rights. Now that Saddam was no longer an ally of the US & he had done the unpardonable act of invading a country that had oil, the US decided to take action.

According to US Congressman Jimmy Hayes of Louisiana, the Kuwait government had hired 20 PR, law & lobby firms to mobilize US opinion & force against Saddam & Iraq. Some of these included Rendon Group, Neill & Co(to ($50,000 p.m. to lobby Congress) Hill & Knowlton who claimed to be representing Citizens for a Free Kuwait” a front created to hide the real role of the Kuwait Government which had paid $11.9m through the front.

The head of Hill & Knowlton (Craig Fuller) was Chief of Staff when George Bush was Vice President. The devices & techniques used (press conferences showing torture, ‘Free Kuwait” t-shirts, bumper stickers at college campuses, releasing ‘hostage’ letters, radio shows, publication of books Rape of Kuwait” ) by Hill & Knowlton in the 1990s to steer US public sentiment should make everyone wonder at the methodologies now being used. Wirthlin Group, a unit within the Hill & Knowlton carried out daily opinion polls to test the pulse of the people. Wirthlin’s job was to project Saddam as a madman, committing atrocities even against his own people and the US needed to stop him. On September 23, 1990, Hill & Knowlton used its links to evangelical mega-churches to organize a National Day of Prayer for the Kuwaiti people. H&K launched a yellow ribbon campaign to support US invasion. That Iraq was about to strike Saudi Arabia was another PR lie. However, the world may have been fooled but one man wasn’t – John MacArthur, author of ‘The Second Front’ depicting the manipulation of news media during the Gulf War began to doubt the incubator story and soon the whole world came to know it was a paid lie. How happy is Nayirah at what her sobs have done to a country 28 years later?

Here are some videos to understand those that aided, abetted & paid to lie to invade Iraq
Persian Gulf War: Kuwait Incubator Baby Hoax with Tom Lantos and Nayirah – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi6J-pYWqc4
60 Minutes ‘Nayirah’ Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_JfqkEXdAg
To sell a war – Gulf War propaganda – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaR1YBR5g6U&t=63s
This is Vany Kumar

She was presented by UK Channel 4 documentary Killing Fields” as a Star Witness. She has 4 names – Dr. Tamilvani, Damilvany Kumar, Damilvany  Gnanakumar & Vany Kumar. C4 screened her 10 times. She was described as a young English Tamil woman who had left London to spend 6 months with relatives in Sri Lanka”…”founder herself caught up with tens of thousands of displaced Tamil civilians on the exodus eastwards”. The UK Guardian reported that she came to Sri Lanka on 28 February 2009 for the 1st time since moving to UK in 1994 & headed for the Vanni. C4 also says she had not disclosed her whereabouts even to close relatives & it is odd that the first call she made from Sri Lanka was to British media & not to her family.

Like Nayirah who had witnessed Iraqi soldiers putting babies out of incubators, Vany Kumar claims to have watched a 6 year old boy have his leg amputated without anesthetics, then she contradicted herself by claiming blood with mixed with water. She also claimed she saw hospital staff filter blood coming out of patients through a cloth before feeding it back into their veins. You don’t have to be a doctor know that blood cannot be mixed with water & given to patients! Her lies were exposed by Dr. Shanmugarajah (whom she was assisting) in his affidavit we did not conduct any sort of surgery without giving anesthesia”.

She turned out to be a member of the LTTE front the Tamil Youth Organization that was declared a LTTE front by the GOSL in 2014. She is alleged to have arrived in Sri Lanka & made contact with LTTE’s Castro & had undergone military training under Durga, female LTTE leader of Sodiya regiment. She had functioned as translator for LTTE propaganda/media. She denies LTTE abused children then why should UNSG & foreign envoys appeal to the LTTE to release civilians & not use them as hostages, human shields & conscript them as combatants? She says LTTE don’t want to kill their own people, they were fighting for them, they worked so hard to save their people”.. and she even declares the people chose to stay”

The UK Guardian declares she provided running commentary to the outside world from behind the lines”. On 30 May 2009 days after the military defeat of the LTTE the Guardian published an article titled Call to free British medic held in Sri Lanka war zone”. Now Vany Kumar had become a British woman” interned in one of the islands’ detention camps” – if so how did she make contact with others? Then began a global campaign to project her as helping the wounded in a hospital & the British Foreign Office demanded her release. From there onwards  from 8000 dead, jumped to double figures 16,000, 40,000 & 150,000 & now 200,000!

How can a member of the proscribed LTTE become a witness” under UNRC witness protection act” & given 20 years. Amnesty International & many other human rights organizations including the UN quoted her extensively too! Lord Naseby says C4 witnesses are paid members of LTTE http://www.adaderana.lk/news.php?nid=25901&mode=beauti

Vany Kumar, 25… in a telephone interview with the Guardian, she describes life on the front line. (how did Vany Kumar have access to dial UK from the Vanni?)
·        The most terrible thing that I have seen was when a mother had a bullet go through her breast and she was dead and the baby was still on the other side of the breast and the baby was drinking her milk, and that really affected me. I was at that place where it happened. (given Vany’s association with LTTE does this single statement depict the travesty of justice and how media has contributed to blurring civilians from LTTE)
·        [The shelling] is definitely coming from the government side, that can be sure, because it is only a small area on the LTTE side and from the sound and from the distance I can surely say it is from the government side.” (a giveaway – an LTTE ‘civilian’ pinning the blame on the GOSL)
·        I just want my sister back with me as soon as possible. My mum is crying and we need her back. We didn’t have anything to do with the war.” (why didn’t she tell her family she was coming to Vanni)
·        Both parties have got to have a ceasefire. I think the international [community] has to either come into the country or get both parties to stop the fighting and start thinking about the civilians living here. Every single person living here asks why the international [community] is not doing anything.”(did she not say in the C4 interview that civilians were staying with the LTTE voluntarily and that the LTTE was not keeping them by force?)

On 1st June 2009, Murali Reddy an embedded Indian journalist wrote to The Hindu ‘Mystery shrouds presence of British woman in tiger territory’. Reddy refers to Vany Kumar as Damilvany Gnanakumar and asks a very simple question. How did she land in the island nation and how did she stay on in the tiger-controlled territory for nearly 15months?

Nayirah was no victim, she was coached. Vany Kumar was no civilian but a member of a LTTE front.

$12million was paid to Hill & Knowlton PR firm to mastermind & set the stage for the the Gulf War. Nayirah was virtually a hired actress coached to cry & fool the US public & prompt action against a country. How much was C4 paid to make Killing Fields, to lobby & influence foreign governments, foreign MPs & officials of the UN to take action against Sri Lanka? We recall how when the C4 documentary was screen in various parliaments around the world, the MPs were moved to tears just the way Nayirah was coached to cry & lie.

The extent of the lies can be now seen in returning to the news that was relayed
Damilvany Gnanakumar witness of Sri Lanka war – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOqLmYxIDlg
Sri Lankan civil war: Damilvany’s story – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7FSdpWjDkw
Eyewitness Sri Lanka: ‘This is too much to take. Why is the world not helping?’ –
LTTE member Vany Kumar : How many LTTE Terrorists have become witnesses” – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2009/may/12/sri-lanka-eyewitness-civil-war
Lies Agreed Upon – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5O1JAfRXew (refuting the C4 videos)

Shenali D Waduge

17 April 2018

Stop All  efforts of  reconciliation  with Tamils immediately.

By Charles .S.Perera

He is gone……!!!
President Maithripala Sirisena is gone after giving 683  acres of land back to Tamils  to honour  the reconciliation demands of the CHOGM leaders, who will now receive him as a real democrat who is prepared to sacrifice any thing to be received and hugged by Theresa May and other White  Leaders of the white Commonwealth, and be allowed to shake in addition the gloveless hands of the Queen.
President Sirisena is completely duped by the Western White leaders and he will never rid himself of his Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe who is really the pet of the West, who introduced  Maithripala Sirisena into the USA and Western white political circle. Thanks to PM Ranil Wickramasinghe he can even have tea with the Queen at Buckingham  Palace ,which he at last found in UK, and not in New York as he had thought before.
There was a time when this  circle of White Western leaders including  the then Black USA President, received Colonel Gaddafi of Libya and even allowed him to put his arm round their necks, but laughed behind him and finally allowed him to be murdered by his own men. So beware President Maithripala Sirisena you never know what you can expect from the West.
However, it is imperative that this comedy of reconciliation is put to an immediately. It was Ranil who got his then Minister of Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera to meet the Christian  Emmanuelle of  the Global  Tamil  Forums and other Tamil Diaspora Representatives without  informing the Parliament or the President to talk on equal terms about the Yahapalanaya reconciliation plan.
As a result of it, Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya planned the writing of  a New Constitution in consultation with the Tamil Diaspora , the  USA Ambassador Athul Keshup, and India. They also removed  several important Military Camps from the North and the East. They allowed the National Anthem to be sung in Tamil, and released thousands of acres of land taken over by the Armed Forces  for security purposes.
But all these have been done in the name of reconciliation with Tamil but the Tamils in return ask for  more and has not given anything in return for the all efforts of this Stupid Yahaplanaya Government’s  concessions to Tamil, which if not stopped now would eventually end up with a Federal Constitution and a Tamil only Provinces in the North and East.
While the Government continues to meet the demands of the TNA, the West and the Tamil Diaspora, the CM Wigneswaran of the Northern Provincial Council complains that  the Sri Lanka Government has not done anything effective to oust the Sinhalese who have illegally occupied  the lands and houses of  the Tamils ever since they fled the Island following ethnic crisis. These appears to be  absolute lies as no mention of such illegal occupations had been reported , nor have a large number of Sinhala families chased away by the terrorists have been allowed to go back to the  lands they were forced to abandon.
North Provincial Councillor T Raviharan organised protests in front of the Mullaitivu  Distict Secretariat on the 10th April,2018,  to oppose the settlement of outsiders.  The Tamils raised objections in December, 2017,  against holding funeral rights of the late Gnanananda Thero the Chief Prelate of the Nagavihara in Jaffna.
The Tamil politicians  protest against the construction of  Sambodhi Vihara in Mullaithivu by venerable Tissapura Gunarathana thero.  They call him an extremist Buddhist Monk.  Building Buddhsit temples in the North and East the Tamils say negates reconciliation. Sumanthiran and TNA want a secular constitution to Sri Lanka removing from it the special place given to the protection of Buddhism.
Are these protests against Buddhsism which is the very life blood of the Sinhala Buddhist a show of gratitude of the Tamils for having given into their demands to promote reconciliation ?
Is there any one single thing the Tamils have done by way of reconciliation with the Sinhala people ?
Is there any reason why Sri Lanka should listen to the UK Government  or the Canadian government the Ministers of which attend extremist Tamil Functions and support their demand for an Eelam in Sri Lanka ?
It is time for Sri Lanka to stop further reconciliation efforts with the Tamils, until the Tamil politicians stop their baseless demands for devolution of power  in their search for reconciliation.
The government of Sri Lanka should, instead of handing over acres and acres of land back to Tamils, resettle the Sinhala people who were forced away from their lands by the terrorists. If their lands have been occupied by Tamils , they should be given  new lands and stop the Tamil politicians in the North and East harass them continuously once they have been settled down.
The Sri Lanka Armed Force should also be informed that they have no right of its own to hand over land to Tamils without  obtaining prior permission from the Parliament.
Enough is enough the Yahaplanaya Government has lost the confidence of the people and they cannot con  as nothing has had happened in the  country out side the Parliament after the No Confidence motion against the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe was lost in Parliament.

The Parliament consists only of 225 persons and all of them do not to a great extent after their election three years back retain the confidence of the people who elected them.

16 April 2018

DO NOT FORGET – the Sinhalese suffered & are victims too

The narrative needs to change and no one needs to feel shy to challenge it bogged down by chants of political correctness & reconciliation. Truth is truth – lies are lies – no slogan should silence that. Presently it is being written either purposely omitting or ignorantly omitting some crucial facts. By doing so, not only is a wrong impression being promoted locally & globally but it is also contributing to creating distrust & mistrust while likely to create further animosity.

No one can disassociate the present crisis from the legacy of colonial rule & the ills that has been handed down with it. No one can also deny that the leaders that took over post-independence were all groomed to think & act like their colonial masters. The handful that challenged the status quo were removed from the scene. If after 70 years people complain about the quality of our leaders they should now realize the reason why most lack nationalism or patriotism. To survive in politics not many can think nationally or will be allowed to act nationally. To understand this better, people need to study the dynamics of political systems globally & the manner that national leaders have been dethroned through regime change for their national policies – the South American examples are excellent to understand this.

That rulers have failed to be consistent in their leadership affects not only minorities but the majority as well and in terms of population ratio the majority is affected more. The scrooge of privatization will only lead to more misery as every national asset is put a price tag. People have yet to understand the trade & political dynamics of the en bloc countries in particular the demands aligned to trade & political agendas of the EU & OIC nations.

Those today commenting on racial violence pinning complete blame on the Sinhala majority were completely silent during 30 years of LTTE reign…why? Were Muslims treated greater under LTTE rule? Were Tamils enjoying full freedoms under 30 years of LTTE rule? Why have minorities forgotten this? How fair is it to claim that the UNP led coalition won the 2015 election entirely on the promises for ‘justice for the minorities’ what kind of racist election propaganda is this? How can minorities who never hesitate to hold slogans against so-called racism openly and proudly claim to have voted for the UNP coalition simply because it agreed to fulfill their demands. Minorities are faulted for making such demands & the UNP coalition is faulted for agreeing to such which is why these unrealistic promises are not seeing light of day. In minorities object to the majority will getting their way, how justified is it for minority will to get their way against the wishes of the majority (by majority what is implied is the majority opinion of people not majority race)

The very people calling for justice for victims of the war need to answer some crucial questions first. Who are the victims? Is it the LTTE or the victims of LTTE terror. Those calling for justice for people killed in the last phase completely ignore to mention that LTTE shot quite a number of Tamils – we would like to know how many. These are certainly victims of LTTE. As for those accusing the Army of killing people, there too we need to first know how many LTTE cadres who were in civilian clothing were killed and how many civilians who were engaged in hostilities (voluntarily or by force) died as a result, for any civilian engaged in hostilities and dying is not defined as a civilian, and the international law books says so very clearly. Without answering these basic questions no one can accuse the Sri Lankan military of killing and no one can demand compensation either – for why should the tax payers pay for LTTE families or dead LTTE cadres? Every TNA commemoration is of dead LTTE and not of Tamils killed by LTTE!

Why is no one raising a voice for the missing 5000 soldiers & their names are logged with the UNHRC not like the nameless 40,000 missing which has now shot up to 150,000 and has been a favorite past time to quote missing / dead.

Moreover, victims constitute all victims – not just Tamils or even Muslims. Let it be reminded to all that more Sinhalese have died since independence than anyone would like to mention. There was the first JVP insurrection, then the 1980/90s JVP-UNP killing spree, there were plenty human rights organizations even then but none chose to demand accountability from the UNP Government, was it because Sinhalese lives did not matter or the media did not find it newsworthy enough? There are plenty of missing persons that cover both these horrific periods far more gruesome than the LTTE period, if people can still remember. A piece of paper was enough to stop people going to work, school and homes were in darkness. Youth disappeared never to be found again. Why are these missing not given justice by the Office of Missing Persons. If the OMP is sincere they must begin by finding the missing from every period that people went missing. OMP was opened not just to find missing LTTE cadres. But as many commentators say if OMP has been launched only to find missing Tamils, let them search for Arjuna Mahendran first.

While the whole world comes down on Sinhalese for claiming the Sinhala Buddhist heritage and ownership for building the nation until it was deceptively confiscated by colonial invaders, when the minorities make racist demands there is stoic silence. Presumably one of the demands by the TNA for their vote at the no confidence motion was to appoint only Tamil divisional secretaries – Is this not racism? There are also demands to have Tamil policemen, Tamil military personnel but then when anyone says Sinhala Army, Sinhala policemen there will be resolutions against Sri Lanka! What kind of disjointed logic is this? A government should have the guts to say that every citizen must know the language of the majority Sinhalese especially when close to 80% of the population speak it. It makes logical sense for the 20% to learn Sinhalese than spending money & time getting 80% to learn what the 20% only speak. What good is it to have only Tamil speaking police & army – are they to serve in only Tamil areas, if so is this a bigger plan of the eelamist lobby?

A countrys military or police should recruit people who are patriotic, nationalistic and willing to uphold law & order & protect the country against all odds, not because a person is Tamil or Muslim. Quota system should not be allowed in any element of public service. It is totally against the basic arguments of equality which another lot are promoting. Let it also be reminded what a fiasco the local government election has turned into with the quotas for women! As for the demands for lands – why should a state give any land without anyone producing deed evidence to claim they actually owned the land. Simply giving into public uproar and well-funded media hype is something the government is advised to avoid.

The minorities that claim to want a competent and benign central government must also explain why they would continuously chose to vote for racist minority leaders & their ethno-religious political parties – TNA’s links to the LTTE, racism of SLMC leaders have still not stopped minorities voting for them, therefore in what context can there be any healing of wounds when there are political parties & leaders that promote and thrive on racism & racist demands, where every election manifesto is peddling for ethno religious demands only. At no time do these parties or their leaders make any statement or demands pertaining to the entire citizenry of the country.

These are the very parties that demand a new constitution from the very party that is said to have come into power to fulfill the demands of the minorities… so can the majority be blamed for opposing this new constitution for it has no relevance to the entirety of citizens in Sri Lanka. Where have you heard of a constitution being created only to fulfil the racist demands of the minorities?

There are many taking the brush to portray the racist Tamil & Muslim leaders as championing a ‘cause’ without acknowledging the damage they have done. Let us also mention that when the JVP began a killing spree targeting innocent people no different to how the LTTE began, the Sinhalese were quick to completely denounce the JVP but why have Tamils failed to do the same with the LTTE, same with Muslims. People must be well read enough to understand how the dark forces work upon political leaders parties, individuals, through businesses, through media, through local organizations etc.. it is only in identifying and watching their actions that people can not only challenge and question them but also not allow themselves to be steered by various initiatives that they fund to provoke people into violence. In watching the lies unfold to bomb Syria, the manner that entities like White Helmets have been used to stage bogus scenes, train people to act, use children to stir emotions, should immediately make people to question whether the same took place in Sri Lanka in the manner the C4 videos began to emerge at every important international event & UN session. These were well programmed & timed to embarrass the Sri Lankan Government the same as is being done to Syria.

If we are drifting to a crisis at many levels the minorities must take a large chunk of the blame for in their unfair & racist demands using the en bloc international pressure through the UN, EU & OIC they have exerted unfair demands on every government that have created more problems than solutions & that is what led to JVP, LTTE & now a multitude of issues that are not easy to even categorize as they come cloaked in multiple outfits & agendas. If minorities are today complaining about politicians, they must ask themselves in what ways they have deceptively cornered politicians through various monetary & other influential pressures thus making them compromise country-centric decisions for personal perks. Again, what have the minorities not enjoyed that the majority are enjoying? Absolutely nothing. The rich in the Sri Lankan polity care not for any ethnicity, faith or country – they are united by the will to make more money at whatever cost. In the end who enrolled to protect the nation? The rural Sinhala Buddhist youth, a handful of Malays and Tamils most of whom were gunned down by the LTTE if we can recall the Millennium City debacle and post CFA signing by UNP & LTTE.

Since independence more Sinhalese have been victims than any other community, more Tamils have died at the hands of the LTTE the supposed sole-representatives of the Tamils, more Muslims have died by this same sole-representative of the Tamils too. Without showcasing these ground realities, what are the experts & analysts trying to preach

Shenali D Waduge